Stadthotel Waldhorn

Terms and conditions

1 Area of application

Terms and conditions apply to all accommodation agreements concluded between 'Stadthotel Waldhorn' in 73230 Kirchheim-Teck and third parties (guest), as well as to all rendered services and other liabilities.

2 Reservation / resale

The contract comes into effect on request from the customer through the acceptance by the hotel. The hotel is free to confirm the booking in writing. The agreement on booked rooms is binding for both parties. The customer does not acquire any claim for the availability of a particular room. The customer will receive a binding booking or reservation number in writing.
Der Weiterverkauf/-vermietung und/oder die Weitervermittlung von gebuchten Zimmern ist untersagt. Insbesondere ist die Weiter-vermittlung an Dritte zu höheren Preisen als den tatsächlichen Zimmer-preisen unzulässig. Auch die Abtretung oder der Verkauf des An-spruches gegen das Stadthotel Waldhorn ist nicht zulässig. Das Hotel ist in diesen Fällen berechtigt die Buchung zu stornieren, insbesondere wenn der Gast bei der Abtretung / dem Verkauf gegenüber dem Dritten unwahre Angaben über die Art der Buchung oder Bezahlung gemacht hat. Eine Nutzung des Hotelzimmers zu einem anderen, als dem Beherbergungszweck ist ausdrücklich untersagt.

3 Terms of cancellation
Up to three days before arrival a cancellation will be free of charge. Within three working days before arrival the charge to cancel will be 50% of total cost. In case of a no-show, a cancellation on the supposed arrival day or a premature departure, the charge of cancellation will be 80% of the confirmed room costs. During a fair a free cancellation is possible up to seven working days before arrival. Up to three working days before arrival 50% of the accommodation costs will be charged. Shorter cancellation, no-show or premature departure will be charged with 80% of the confirmed room costs. A reservation is guaranteed if the costumer confirms the reservation through credit card information, either written or in person.

4 Taxes / fees / charges
The prices contracted include the legal value added tax, fees and charges. Should the rate of VAT applicable to the contractual services increase or decrease after the conclusion of the contract, the prices shall be adjusted accordingly. The hotel is entitled to increase the prices if municipal duties for the accommodation are increased.

5 Means of payments

Valid means of payments are Euro in cash, EC-, Master-, Visa-, Diners-, and American Express Card in Euro. We do not accept foreign currencies or cheques.

6 Utilisation of reserved room

Booked rooms are available to the costumer from 15:00 on the day of arrival. On the agreed day of departure check out is at 11:00 at the latest.

7 Non-smoking policy

The hotel enforced a non-smoking policy. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all rooms, be it public or private. In case of violation Stadthotel Waldhorn is entitled to charge a compensation fee of € 50,00. This fee is to be less or more, if either the Stadthotel Waldhorn is able to proof that the damage is higher or the costumer can proof that the damage is lower than the fee charged.

8 Liability Stadthotel Waldhorn

The hotel is liable to carry out its contractual duties with diligence of a prudent businessperson. Claims by the customer for compensation for damages are excluded. Excluded from this are damages arising from death, injury to body or health. Damages due to intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by Stadthotel Waldhorn are also not included in the exclusion of liability. A breach of duty of the hotel is on par with a legal representative, employee or vicarious agent.

Should defects in the deliveries or services by the hotel arise, or services are disrupted, the costumer is to inform the hotel about this immediately, after it is identified, so that the hotel is able to remedy the fault as quickly as possible or provide the delivery or service as understood under the contract. The client is obliged to make a reasonable contribution in order to resolve the problem and to minimize the possible damage. The costumer is obliged to keep damages arising to it as low as possible. The hotel is liable for tangible assets of the client according to legal requirements, which is up to hundred (100) times the amount of the room rate, as well as for cash, securities, and valuables up to EUR 800. Liability claims expire if the client does not bring an immediate charge to the hotel upon knowledge of loss, destruction or damage. For unlimited liability, the statutory provisions apply.

9 Voucher

If a payment is made by voucher and a balance remains, it can be used for further payments. The voucher is valid for 3 years from the date of issue. Vouchers can not be returned or re-sold, transferred or cannot be redeemed in cash. The purchaser of the voucher is responsible for the accuracy of data concerning the voucher and the invoice addressee.

10 Own food and drinks

The consumption of own food and drinks in public areas in the hotel is prohibited. Breakfast is only to be consumed in spaces intended for this. It is not allowed to take away food or drinks. Food preparation is prohibited in the guest rooms.

11 Pets

Brining a pet requires the agreement of Stadthotel Waldhorn in advance. The costumer is obligated to give notice of the pet upon reservation. If the hotel agrees to bringing a pet, it is required that the pet will be under continuous surveillance by owner, as well as the guarantee that the pet is free from any sickness and is no danger to other guest or the hotel staff. Pets are neizher allowed in the breakfast room, nor at the bar. For each pet a fee of € 5,00 will be charged per night. This does not apply for service animals. They are allowed at any time free of charge.

12 Final provisions

Alterations and additions to the contract for accommodation are required to be in writing to be effective. Unilateral alterations or supplements through the client are ineffective.

Kirchheim/Teck is the exclusive jurisdiction for commercial issues between the parties. It applies German law. UN-sales law and the law of conflicts do not apply.

Stadthotel Waldhorn
Inhaber Robert Ruthenberg
Marktplatz 8
73230 Kirchheim / Teck